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Time to upgrade your layering line-up.

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Start with a setting from our vast collection of designs and then choose a diamond from our wide selection of conflict free diamonds to complete your custom necklace.

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Handcrafted In Germany With 100% Recycled Gold And Sustainably Created Diamonds

Sustainably created diamonds with transparent provenance

100% recycled 14k & 18k solid gold

Excellent quality, handcrafted in Germany

Lifetime guarantee on our diamonds & gemstones

Bespoke Personalisation

Word with the Janering team to produce your own custom keepsake.


Every product of JANERING is born from meticulous attention to detail. We offer customized engravings that will preserve the precious moments of soon-to-be-married couples forever. Especially with our engraving service, combined with meaningful colored stones, we encapsulate the essence of JANERING to complete the rings.

Janering diamonds

100% lab grown diamonds and recycled 14k & 18k solid gold. Our diamonds are produced in the laboratory in an environmentally friendly manner, with transparent origin and under the highest quality standards and are certified by GIA/IGI.

JANERING created diamonds are 100% real diamonds and have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds, but without any negative consequences for nature and people.

Created for eternity, without compromises: Our lab grown diamonds are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, with transparent origin, under fair conditions and under the highest quality standards.

At JANERING, we only process the highest quality diamonds according to the 4Cs, with a color of D-F (very fine white) and a clarity of VS+.

For all of our jewelry we only use 100% recycled 14k & 18k solid gold from certified German gold refiners, for an eternal gold cycle.

Compared to recovering new gold through intensive mining and processing processes, recycling gold requires significantly less energy.

By choosing to purchase jewelry made with recycled gold, our customers support a responsible and ethical jewelry supply chain.

This creates an eternal gold cycle that protects our natural resources and preserves the value of the rare metal – Eternal Gold from Janering.

We produce our unique pieces of jewelry and engagement rings masterfully by hand in our factory in the gold city of Pforzheim.

A complex manufacturing process and multiple quality controls create sparkling pieces of jewelry that last forever.

Starting with the casting of the gold, through the loving processing by our talented goldsmiths, to the setting of the sparkling diamonds and gemstones and the final polishing, every piece of jewelry goes through a masterful manufacturing process that guarantees unique beauty.

The magical moment of engagement between Paulina and Philip, with their first ring, was also the initial spark for Janering and the beginning of the mission that the future belongs to sustainable luxury with lab grown diamonds and recycled gold.

In a world where mines are a thing of the past and lab-grown diamonds are a symbol of a sustainable and bright future, Janering  stands as a beacon of creativity and sustainable innovation.

Luxury made sustainably. Inspired by nature, the symbolic power of never-ending love, elaborately handcrafted.


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